How does it work?


Our aim at Katoenshop is to enable artists, small businesses, creators, charities, start-ups, anyone who don't want to take risks by investing, to have their merchandise produced.

The biggest issue with producing your line is stocking. This means you estimate how much you can sell, order that amount, and hope that you guessed right. With your support creators can do this without the guess work and they don't risk losing investment. You can contribute to your favorite artist, cause, or brand while purchasing good quality, organic cotton, fair-wear clothing. Plus, there will be no over-stock, which means no textile waste.

You simply pre-order your item, practice patience, once the campaign ends, if it reaches the minimum order amount, we will start producing the items. You'll get your hot drop and the creator you supported gets the profit!

You can see all active campaigns here

Important: If the campaign you supported doesn't reach the minimum order amount, we can't produce the orders. In this case, when the campaign ends you'll receive a full refund. Since we only produce the items that are ordered, it's crucial that you pick the right size of garments. We won't be able to change sizes, simply because we won't have any extra items. If you're unhappy about a product, please send us an email.

Questions? See our FAQ page here.
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