About us

Katoenshop is a concept by Katoenfabriek: A sustainable B2B textile printing company that only works with fair-wear and organic clothing suppliers. We only use printing techniques that are as environmentally friendly and responsible as possible. Our printshop is located in the center of Utrecht, in the middle of the beautiful Museum Quarter, and consists of a ground floor on Oudegracht and a medieval wharf cellar directly below where all our screen printing operations take place. Next to screen printing, we also offer DTG printing, transfer, and embroidery.

In time Katoenfabriek developed different concepts to be able to offer different solutions but our goal is the same; delivering good quality and honest printed matter.

With Katoenshop we aim to enable small businesses, creators, charities, start-ups, anyone who don't want to take risks by investing, to have their merchandise produced. The biggest issue with producing your line is stocking. This means you estimate how much you can sell, order that amount, and hope that you guessed right. 

We are happy to offer a risk-free solution. You decide your profit margin, duration, and the concept of your campaign, share it with your people, pre-sell the minimum production amount, we produce and ship it. No stock, no risk, no waste.

Read more about how it works for creators and supporters. Questions? See our FAQ page here.

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