How does it work?


This is a step by step guide about how Katoenshop can enable creators to have their merchandise produced. 

First of all you need an idea, a concept, a vision or simply the motivation to sell your items. Think about who would love to wear them, and how you'd like to market your campaign. You can read about tips for improving campaign success here.

We're excited to create a limited-time custom campaign for you. In order to do this, we need some information and your design files. Once we activate your campaign, you'll have a product page, and people can pre-order your items. You'll be able to see the count of how many items are sold on your product page but good to know, this counter updates every 24 hours. Unfortunately, it's not possible to have real time count view yet.

You will have quite a few things to decide, such as: 

Type of garments
Colour of garments
Profit Margin

Duration of your campaign
You can choose to run your campaign minimum 7 days and maximum 21 days. Let us know how long.

Design description
We need your final artwork delivered before we can launch your campaign. Along with your design files, please give us a detailed description of what you have in mind in terms of placement. You can also send basic sketches or mockups if you wish to explain things better. In any case, once we have everything we will send you a digital proof for approval before we create your campaign. 

Concept description
There's a text field on every product page, we can add your custom text here, explaining your design, vision or cause. Please read and re-read your text before you send it over, we prefer not to change things once your campaign is up and running. We don't mind which language you prefer to use. We'll make it clear on the product page that this text is written by the creator (you). 

Tip: Even though we're not experts at keeping texts short, we can only advise that doing so increases the chance of being read.

Bank account number
Yeah, don't forget that one so we can pay up once your campaign ends successfully. In case you don't sell enough by the end, we will simply refund your supporters in full. You can always improve your strategy and try again.

That was quite a read. More options mean more work, hope you're still with us. If you're ready, send us a nice email at with all the details explained above and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Questions? See our FAQ page here
Supporter guide here.